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Phoenix Precision Premium Target Rifle Sights


Phoenix Precision has put together a F-TR Rifle team for the NRA F-Class National Championship which was held September 23-30 2017 at the Winnequah Gun Club,Lodi WIsc. Mid range and Long Range. The members of the team are Dan Van Gilder, Erv Moore, Sydnie Lipski, Brenda and Gary LaValley. Sydnie is only 13 years old and this was her first experience on a team as well it is our first time that we all shot together as a team. Sydnie ended up winning the Junior Mid range championship. She will be the one to watch for future winnings. In the back ground is the Mid Range Team Champions as well as Zoe Plye who won the Long Range Junior Championship. She uses the Phoenix Precision Bipod and will be another Junior to watch out for.

Gary is shaking hands with the Mid Range Individual Champion JOSH MOORE who uses the Phoenix Precision Bipod.


/> "Phoenix Precision CONGRATULATES these fine shooters for their 3rd win in a row. The World F-Class Championships are held every 4 years in a different country. These fellas work hard practicing and it shows. We are proud to be sponsors and have them use our Bipods.

CONGRATULATIONS to the US F-TR Teams. World winners of the 2017 Championship held in Canada. PI

Congratulations to Ian Klemm. Winner of the NRA F-TR Class 2017 1000 yard National Championship. We here at Phoenix Precision are proud to have Ian using our Bipod. A quote from Ian "The Phoenix Precision Bipod is so good, I built my whole rifle around it." He also works for vortex Optics designing scopes like the Golden Eagle which helped him with his win!

Gary LaValley, owner of Phoenix Precision, with the 2017 1000 yard NRA F-TR Class National Championship winners, Sinclair Team. Members include .

Long range target rifle gun sights



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