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Phoenix Precision Premium Target Gun Sights

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Phoenix Precision Premium Target Rifle Sights


Brenda LaValley of Elk River, MN, won the 2011 1000 yard F Class held at the Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club at Harris, MN. Her score of 307 with 8x, was enough to win out of 15 other competitors. "I contribute my success with using the PHOENIX PRECISION BI-POD and a Shillin barrel chambered to a 6mm BR". Brenda also established an NRA record for Fullbore Prone F-Class Women's Record fired at the 2010 Spirit of America/ Fullbore Nationals. Took 3rd place overall at the 2012, 1000 yard Wyoming State Match

Congratulations to Steve Knutson for winning the 2012 Minnesota State Mid Range Prone held at the Northwestern Gun Club in Duluth Minnesota His overall total score is 1959 with 82 X"s. He cleaned the 300 yard match with a total of 800 points and 63 X ( in the off and on again rain). In the 500 yard match his score is 795 with 47 X. He used the "Phoenix Precision AR Front sight" to help him with is win.


/> "Phoenix Precision CONGRATULATES these fine shooters for their 3rd win. We are proud to have them use our Bipods.

CONGRATULATIONS to the US F-TR Teams. World winners of the 2017 Championship held in Canada. PI

Gary and Brenda LaValley along with Jeff Lee of Elk River, MN participated i n the 1000 Yard Long Range Championship held at Worland, Wyoming on June 23 and 24, 2012. Using the "Phoenix Precison Bi-Pod", Gary took first place in matches 1, 2, 3 and 4. Jeff took first place in match 5. In the aggregate match Gary took 1st, Jeff took 2nd and Brenda took 3rd place. The range is very tough, hot (108 temp) and windy. It was a challange and a good place to learn to read the mirage.

June 27, 2015. F-TR Emerald Team Match. The first ever fully international match in Ireland. USA Red F-TR won the Gold Medal with a score of 845-47 V. James croft captian, Mark Swartzkopt, David Conrath, Sean Murphy and Phil Kelley had a big day, as the Ireland rains finally came to Midland Range and the winds with it. Very strong scores at each yard line allowed for a solid Gold Medal Performance. The USA Blue team came in fourth. .

Steve Knutson, is a coach for the US Palma team and for the F-Class Team. Steve demonstrates the proper position for prone shooting with a spotting scope whether you are a prone or F-Class shooter. He uses the "Phoenix Precision Bi-pod and so does some of his team members that he coaches...

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