Firearms Shooting Matches and Rifle Association Links

Associations and Rifle Clubs

Bald Eagles Rifle Club
Promotion of Fullbore Rifle Shooting in the United States, and support of the efforts of the United States Veteran’s Rifle Team in its international competitions.

Elk River Sportsmans Club
The official website for the Elk River Sportsmans Club.

National Rifle Association
Politics, legislation, membership, competitions, education and more.

Quality Gunsmithing & Shooting Equipment

Precision Rifle and Tool
Creating Specialized Custom Rifles and Firearms. Custom stocks to your specifications. Eastern Distributer of Phoenix Precision Bipods

Satern Machining
Custom machined scope bases and other quality shooting products.

Obermeyer Rifled Barrels
Quality rifle barrels
Contact Boots: 23122 60th St • Bristol, WI 53104 • 262-843-3537

Creedmoor Sports
Manufacturer of top quality products for the competitive rifle shooter and tactical sniper.

White Oak Armament
The only high speed national match dual stage trigger for the AR-15 and AR-10 rifles.

TC Accessories
Custom accessories for the AR15 and Match rifles.

Competition Shooting Stuff
High quality Eliseo rifle kits designed for competitive rifle shooting.

Brux Barrels
Custom cut-rifled barrels

Shooting Matches & General Information
6mm BR Rifle Shooting
Leading web community dedicated to precision shooting and accurate rifles.

Arizona Rifle Shooting
Shooting match descriptions, tutorials, and other information including match schedules and announcements on competitive rifle shooting in and near Arizona.

North Florida High Power Shooting
Forums – North Florida High Power Shooting

High Power Links
Lots of links to information on shooting equipment, clubs, shooting matches & more.

Iowa High Power Rifle Competition
An online information source for High Power Rifle Competition in Iowa.

Long Range Target Shooting
Forums, long range target shooting topics & shooting matches.

Midwest Shooting
Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri and Iowa shooting matches, rifle and pistol clubs and shooting events.

Orange Blossom Regional
Long range target shooting matches and related topics in sunny Florida.

Precision Rifle Rebarreling Book
Precision Rifle Rebarreling and Case Preparation on a Home Shop Lathe plus Load Development and Long Range Shooting Book by John Stranahan