Phoenix Precision Testimonials

  “This is my first win in 23 years and I attribute this success to the left handed Tube Gun and the excellent Phoenix Precision sight. Both have worked flawlessly. I have fired just over 700 rounds thru this .240 NMC Hart bbl. and won both NRA matches that I fired with it. The rest have been practice and load development.”
– Bob Peasley of the Northstar Gun Club in Red Wing, MN

  “Thank you very much Gary!  It is always a pleasure talking with you.  You truly are interested in your product.  You make an excellent sight.  Thank you for the ball dents, I do appreciate it.  Hope to keep them in the X’s.  I shoot long range and Palma. Your sights never have failed. They track perfectly.”
– Scott Holman

Let me say, I have been more than pleased with the quality, workmanship and repeatability of the sight. The design is extremely user friendly, efficient and clearly made of the highest components. I thought, in that it has been about a year since purchasing your sight, I [would] provide you with details of where this sight and I have been over the past year.

  • Throughout the 2005 shooting season, I increased my NRA High Power classification from Master-Unclassified (MAR) to Expert (APR) to Master (SEP).
  • I won the Expert class at the Oak Ridge, TN (ORSA) Regional.
  • I won the Expert class at the TN State Championship.
  • And, I won the Expert class at the National Championships, Camp Perry, OH (NRA Week).

Your outstanding sight contributed greatly to these achievements in that the consistency of your rear sight allowed me to make confident sight adjustments, when needed, as well as sustain a high level of shooter confidence in my zeros from 2 to 3 to 600 yards, allowing me precious time to focus on shooting, staying ahead of the conditions. Thanks! I’ll continue to promote your sight as I attempt a repeat in the Master class this upcoming season (2006).
– Stacy Kunz

“Gary, finally got my Tubb. First couple of runs using the Phoenix Match sight extremely pleasing. Thanks for making a well made product.”
– Jon Sharrock-Sutherland

Received the sight this afternoon. BEEOOTIFUL! I appreciate your including the allen Wrenches to fit the various screws. Your sight will replace a Redfield Palma on an AR15 space gun. The Palma is a good sight but not in the class with your ‘Phoenix’.”
– Jim White

  “Hey Gary,
I’ve already gotten the sights. Beautiful. I can’t wait for my front sight, and inserts to get here, so I can try them out.
– Jim White

  “Sight arrived today. Looks very good (as usual). Building an AR 10 in .308 for competition. Using a Ross Precision “Beer Can” adjustable front.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.”
– Jon Blachley

  “Gary, I got my sight on Friday. It is awesome looking. Very, very fine craftsmanship. I look forward to using [it] next weekend. I’ll send you a picture of the rifle soon. ”
– L. Tridico III

  “Hey Gary,

Got the AR flat top sight today and it’s a beauty!
Hope my money order got there.
I like the baggy it came in. That’s classy.
I won’t be able to try it out though until July.  I just got my upper from White Oak.  It looks real good too.  So I’m going to a spacegun with your rear sight with a Guisselle match trigger (great) in a Bushmaster lower equipped with a Revolution stock.  It’ll take some time to get used to all of this modern stuff.
Thanks again for a great product.”
 Joe Kruchowski


  “I’ve now used my PP Bi-Pod for a couple of months now. I’ve used it from gravel, grass and also off a concrete benchrest. It is rock solid in its tracking especially on gravel and grass. When I was first testing it from 1,000 yards at MCB Quantico, I would fire and after recoil my eye relief in the scope returned perfectly and I could view the impact. Thanks for a great product. ”
– Doug Hurst, Springfield, VA